Lenovo and Formula 1 unite technology and sport this 2023

Formula 1 returns this year with Lenovo as a strategic partner to optimize the quality and support of broadcast applications

If there is a competition that combines sport and technology like no other, it is Formula 1, which is rolling again this 2023 and which once again has Lenovo as a partner to give motor fans the best experience, participating in the execution of powerful on-premise data collection solutions, as well as in producing higher quality content and supporting broadcast applications.

Specifically, Lenovo technology helps Formula 1 with its on-site data collection solutions, improving data storage at events. In a sport where a hundredth of a second can make the difference between one team and another, Lenovo offers the competition a wide range of portable and desktop devices, as well as ThinkSmart monitors, tablets and intelligent collaboration solutions, supporting F1 operations both on the track and in the headquarters offices.

“We partnered with Formula 1 to implement Lenovo’s smartest solutions across the organization, helping push the boundaries of what’s possible and transform the racing experience. Formula 1 is focused on its digital transformation and continues to amaze and delighting their fans,” said Luca Rossi, president of Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group, upon completion of this collaboration, which began in 2022 and continues into this new season.

Technology designed for F1 fans

Lenovo’s High Performance Computing solutions are supporting broadcast video and broadcast control applications. Supercomputing technology promises to take processes to another level, which will have a direct impact on the fan experience.

High-throughput workstations will also be leveraged to support the most demanding activities, such as CAD design and graphics creation and editing. In the same way, Formula 1 is considering the use of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions to deepen, improve and expand its offer to the consumer.

A Formula 1 Grand Prix presents a spectacle like no other sporting event on earth. But the speed, precision and performance that fans see on the track wouldn’t be possible without a great deal of collaborative work that takes place behind the scenes throughout the year, and that features technology at its heart.

“This partnership is built on our shared passion for innovation, performance and the spirit of winning. Together, Lenovo and Formula 1 will push the limits of technology to help shape a faster, smarter and more sustainable future”, concludes Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Lenovo, Europa Press)

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