Italy fines Samsung and Apple for anti-ethical practices

Both telephone technology companies would have incurred what is known as programmed obsolescence, which consists of slowing down the operation of the equipment to force customers to buy a new smartphone

Italy’s anti-monopoly authorities fined manufacturers of smartphones and other electronic devices Samsung and Apple for allegedly applying what is called scheduled obsolescence.

Apple was fined 10 million euros; Samsung will have to pay 5 million euros. Additionally, they are obliged to publish in their local web pages compliance with the sanction by the anti-monopoly authorities.

Presumably, both companies would have forced customers to install updates on their phones that actually slowed down the operating system. This has resulted in additional expenses for users who had no choice but to buy a new phone. Apple is apparently investigated in France for the same charge.

The fine applied to the Apple company is greater because it did not properly inform customers of the faults in their lithium batteries. Undoubtedly, the manifestations of discontent on the part of the public have not been made wait.

Through social networks have expressed the nuisance for having to invest additional sums of money since they thought they had no alternative but to buy a new smartphone due to the inefficiency of their equipment.


Source: RT

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