iOS 17 will warn the user that they are too close to the screen

Apple added this function, with the aim of protecting the user's eyesight when using the device very close to the eyes

Apple introduced the Screen Distance feature in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, with which it warns the user that they are using the device too close to the screen, for which it uses the TrueDepth camera, with the aim of protecting the view.

The American technology company continues to implement features in its devices focused on user health care. In this case, with functions that seek to protect eyesight to reduce diseases such as myopia, which, according to Apple, is the main cause of visual impairment in the world.

In this sense, iPhones and iPads integrate an option that launches a notification to users in the form of a warning when it detects that they are using the smartphone or tablet too close to the screen, as explained by Apple through a statement in your website.

This is the Screen Distance feature that, when active, uses the TrueDepth camera, with FaceID, to encourage users to “move their device away” after detecting that it has been held less than 30 cm from their eyes for “a prolonged period of time”.

Optionally enabled, Screen Distance will alert users by setting the screen background to white with a central message stating “iPad is too close” accompanied by the explanation that “Keep your iPad from a distance can protect your eyesight“.

Once the device has been moved away from the user’s face, the screen changes and a verification message appears explaining that the device “is at a safe distance”. Below, a Continue button appears to continue carrying out the activities that the user was carrying out.

In this way, the function reminds users to “adopt healthy viewing habits” that can reduce the risk of visual diseases such as myopia. Apple also noted that it offers adult users the option to reduce “digital eye strain.”

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Laurenz Heymann, Unsplash)

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