Investing in crypto can help face currency devaluation

Investment firm Contrarian Horizon Kinetics considers cryptocurrencies and land to be the assets that can combat currency devaluation

Investment company Contrarian Horizon Kinetics is suggesting to investors that crypto assets will enable them to meet progressive economic challenges around the world. This company, valued at $ 7 billion, recently reported that land and cryptocurrencies are two assets that can combat the devaluation of the currency.

The co-founder of the company, Peter Doyle, stressed that the global pandemic due to Covid-19 and the increase in debts of the countries will be the beginning of a “turning point” for the world economy and in his opinion the possible options to face These complications are “devaluation or default of the currency.

“There is no way back after the pandemic and, globally, there are economic problems that translate into indebtedness or devaluation of the currency,” said Doyle. That is why he thinks that citizens should have access to this class of assets.

He also stated that savvy investors tend to focus on concentrated, low-turnover portfolios in their holdings, as they allow companies to grow to compound returns.

The company, Horizon Kinetics, is heading in the opposite direction from where other investors are. According to the firm, they research industries in depth to look for only value-driven investments.

Despite the collapse of the cryptocurrency market, the company has three funds: Small-Cap, Spin-off & Corporate Restructuring that registered the best performance during the year, with profits of more than 50 % for the organization.

While another of his funds, the Kinetics Paradigm fund, also obtained dividends in the order of 48 %, which places the firm among the top ten mutual funds in the industry.

M. Rodríguez


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