HP Introduces HP Amplify Data Insights Data Intelligence Platform

Customers have access to information that will allow them to fine-tune strategies, predict purchase preferences, and run targeted campaigns

HP has presented, within the framework of its HP Reinvent event, its new data intelligence platform HP Amplify Data Insights, designed for customers and that seeks to promote innovation through data analysis.

Available on the HP Partner Portal, this platform combines third-party intelligence and partner-owned data into one dashboard, enabling them to benchmark performance, deepen customer relationships, and consolidate strategies across long term, as HP reported in a statement.

Since the launch of HP Amplify in 2020, 98 percent of partners decided to report data. With more than 1 billion pieces of data uploaded to the platform weekly, HP Amplify Data Insights provides real-time access to multiple data tailored to each user’s business.

Strategic support

“With HP Amplify Data Insights, HP is delivering on its promise of collaboration by turning partner data into knowledge sources designed to deliver more profitable results to customers and enable long-term partner growth and recurring revenue”, has assured Javier García Garzón, HP channel director.

With HP Amplify Data Insights, customers have immediate access to a set of data analytics that they can leverage to refine strategies with their customers, anticipate purchase predisposition, and implement targeted campaigns, each with the goal of influencing customer engagement, and customer purchase process.

The new platform combines protected customer data with third-party market intelligence and internal data on an intuitive platform within three key segments. The first one is descriptive information to compare performance and drive customer segment strategies. It includes data such as sales growth, product performance, and inventory levels.

In addition, the HP platform provides predictive information to anticipate customer interest and purchase decisions through algorithms, with customer update cycle data, warranty expiration heat maps, and life cycle intelligence. as well as prescriptive insights to increase sales, cross-sell, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Source: dpa

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