Hackers enter Google accounts in the cloud to mine cryptocurrencies

In a report published by Google, they point out that hackers use accounts in the cloud to carry out mining activities for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin

Hackers enter Google cloud accounts to mine cryptocurrencies. The internet giant recently published a report on “Google’s threat horizon”, where it points out its concern about the use of cloud accounts that have been hacked to mine cryptocurrencies.

According to what was disseminated in the report: “Malicious actors have been observed mining cryptocurrencies in compromised cloud instances.” Noting that “of the 50 recent examples, 86 % of the cases showed that hackers were mining cryptocurrencies with the accounts.”

The report published by Google’s Cybersecurity Action team attempts to meet two fundamental objectives: the first is “profit making” and the second is related to “traffic pumping“.

With this document the internet leading company tries to provide actionable information that allows organizations to assert that their cloud environments are better protected.

The document also refers to other registered cyber threats such as: malware, hosting of unauthorized content on the Internet, spam and the launch of DDoS bots.

Hackers broadcast live

The group responsible for making the report on Google’s Threat Analysis, last month raised the alarms by warning about the presence of hackers in YouTube accounts to spread cryptocurrency scams.

The representatives of the technology company pointed out that “the name of the channel, the image of the profile and the content were replaced by the brand of the cryptocurrency to impersonate large technology companies or cryptocurrency exchange.”

In addition, they highlighted that the hackers made live broadcasts where they offered gifts in “cryptocurrencies in exchange for the first contributions.” Google pointed out that hackers were fluent in the Russian language.

M. Rodríguez

Source: decrypt.co

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