Graciana Laplana offers a different festive experience with Party Makers

It is a company that offers Venezuelan-style celebration services in Asturias, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Barcelona and Seville

Perseverance is one of the qualities that describes Venezuelans who undertake from their nation or anywhere in the world. Many dare to pursue their dreams and some manage to achieve them, materialize them. This is the story of Graciana Laplana, who runs Party Makers a creative event agency that has been successful and has a great receptivity in Spain.

In an interview for the group El Sumario, the Venezuelan shares with us that this initiative and company was born after a business opportunity -important and interesting- detected in the Spanish market, which were the “crazy hours”.

Laplana indicated that this was something that characterized Latinos more than Europeans, especially Venezuelans. But in marketing terms, it could mean a niche. “In Latin America, the crazy hour is very common in any event, be it a wedding, graduation, Christmas, baptisms, among others,” she said.

The Venezuelan continued to build the initiative, in a personalized way and managing it with the experience she gained in previous years.

“Almost all the people who are part of the Party Makers team are Venezuelans,” says Graciana, at the time she details that the company seeks to offer a different service at events, of quality, that stands out, in addition to providing also, of course, it is worth supporting or helping other Venezuelan migrants in Spain.

Party Makers: from Venezuela to Spain and from Spain to other parts of the world

Graciana Laplana, is from Caracas, was born on May 14, 1987. She studied graphic design at the Caracas Design Institute. By 2011 she obtained a master’s degree in Advertising, Marketing and Communication in Spain. And at that time, she did not consider the option of staying in the Spanish nation.

In those days, the young woman worked in the health area, in the operational part of an outpatient clinic called “Somos Salud”, she was director of operations and was in charge of a multidisciplinary work team.

While in Venezuela, she had started a children’s event agency with which she did very well; In addition to that, she started a service provider company called “Dental Plan” where they were in charge of planning and offering professional dental care in the country.

The Venezuelan entrepreneur makes the decision to emigrate and in 2016 she lands on Spanish soil. Thanks to the fact that she had the European nationality of her father and grandparents, as well as the aforementioned master’s degree in Advertising, Marketing and Communication in Spain, Graciana had certain aspirations to enter the labor field and this was a destination where she felt comfortable.

Laplana had the vision to save and get a job in her area of ​​knowledge or expertise. However, like everything, it was difficult at first, but she kept hoping to achieve her goals. She acquired new knowledge and during this path she was presented with several job opportunities in the operational and marketing area.

The Creole applied her skills in this area, she focused on quality management while she developed; She commented that it is something that she is passionate about, in addition to the operational or operational issue. She tried to transfer the concept or theme of children’s parties to Spain, but she tells us that her results did not convince her.

“The experience of undertaking in the Spanish nation is not easy and in fact it is somewhat slow,” admits the interviewee. However, Laplana had another experience and results, something for which she is grateful to God, since “a niche that is moving too much in events, especially weddings,” has been consolidated.

The going high, the coming up or turning on the party

Due to cultural differences, the businesswoman had to adapt to Spanish ceremonies and look for the moment of “high” or “come up”, which is when people activate after eating to dance and enjoy the party. This is where Party Makers intervenes and turns the atmosphere into a top, fun and ideal one for the hosts and guests.

The Venezuelan found a good market where she has had to be strategic, create a business structure from scratch, find and train an ideal team from the operations and management side, which is her strength.

Laplana recognizes and thanks today for her success and great receptivity in the Spanish community, it was not easy, but now she strives to repay her and her team with a well-cared service, in terms of entertainment and fun.

It is clear that the process of entrepreneurship is about “trying and trying” having a good approach, having an adequate investment in advertising, trying to offer something different from the rest, having solid comparative advantages, and “above all, something of quality and eager to do things well”.

The influencers Willyrex and Cristiurbi

Among the most outstanding works of Party Makers, the wedding of Willyrex and Cristiurbi, a couple of well-known influencers in Spain, stands out. The company was part of the special celebration of these public figures and both were satisfied with the company’s service.

Currently, the firm is present in almost all of Spain, it has alternate teams in Asturias, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Barcelona and Seville. In her future plans, the businesswoman is committed to international expansion with all services, such as team building, corporate events, weddings, fifteen years, more birthdays, among others.

They will soon start with events in the Dominican Republic. They also want to try to have their team and offices in Panama, in Miami and especially in Venezuela, which they aspire to be the first establishment outside Europe. “In the medium term, as a corporation we hope to expand our activities, both geographically and at the level of the portfolio of products and services,” said the entrepreneur.

To be the spirit of the party, “you have to be clear that dreams are not made from the comfort zone”

If you want to know and see the services, you can follow them on their social networks, also make contact through their website or attention via WhatsApp, where they explain the services and recommend personalized packs that adapt to each celebration.

Before ending the conversation, and as a way of closing, Graciana Laplana wanted to share a message for Venezuelans who want to undertake in the country or any other part of the world: “Let them put their heart into it, let them do it (…) there are many hours of effort and perseverance, which end up producing results and satisfaction”. It is essential to focus, be strategic, “get rid of fear” and dare, since dreams are not realized from the comfort zone.

Taken from El Sumario – Written by María Gabriela Moncada

Through personal conversation and information from Party Makers and social networks

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