Google TV will have a basic mode that disables smart functions

This option provides recommendations for streaming content based on other platforms

Google is currently working on the development of its platform for smart Google TV, which will have a basic mode, with which it will precisely allow users to disable smart functions.

Google TV, which was announced in September last year, provides recommendations for watching streaming content based on other platforms and recreates the search engine experience, making it easier for users to discover personalized content with recommendations from YouTube TV and television channels and external services such as Netflix.

Now, Google has announced to the 9to5Google portal a new function that will arrive together with Google TV, Basic TV, a basic mode for televisions that could also reach other devices such as sound bars. The basic mode of Google TV is an option that users can choose and that disables all smart functions of the TV, present in the standard mode of the platform.

The Google TV system is divided into five sections: applications, content recommendations, the Google Assistant, live television and external HDMI connections. The basic settings reduce the options on the Google TV home screen, showing only a few icons for functions such as HDMI connections, live TV, menu access, time and a link to templates mode, which displays wallpapers.

Users who choose the basic mode of Google TV will be able to return to the full experience of the platform at any time, and it will be available on TVs from Sony and TCL, according to 9to5Google.

Source: dpa

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