Google is working on an alternative payment system

The company is working on a new payment method, which is currently available for applications that handle this internally

Google started in Europe the pilot program with which developers will be able to incorporate an alternative payment system to the one offered by default Google Play Store.

Developers can now join the test program that allows them to include an alternative payment system, in addition to the one offered by Google Play. In this phase, it is available only for applications with internal payments, excluding mobile games and apps for tablets.

The technology company clarifies on its Support page that participants in this program must pay the fees that the Google service. And in the event that the user chooses to make the payment with the alternative service, this rate will be reduced by 4 %.

By including an alternative payment system, when the user goes to make a payment within the application, they will find two options: the system chosen by the developer and Google Play, which will remain as an option to choose and not as the only payment method by default.

This program follows the one that Google launched earlier this year with Spotify, after launching this additional billing system in South Korea in September 2021. The new program is available to developers registered as a company or business, in the countries of the European Economic Area.

K. Tovar

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