Fake job offers are a new form of scam

Cybercrime has risen sharply between 2022 and so far in 2023. Security specialist company ESET targets scams through bogus job offers

Job search has entered the new forms of scams by cybercriminals, who launch fake offers to lure their victims.

The cybersecurity company ESET has recently indicated that this form of scam is among the crimes that have increased markedly since 2022.

Job portals abound on the network and to receive notifications about new vacancies, those interested must register on these platforms. From that moment they may be exposed to crimes such as theft of data or money.

ESET advises jobseekers to be alert to possible red flags, such as spam arriving in the mail inbox, calls from strangers or vishing, requests for program updates that generate distrust, offers that seem too good, emerging windows.

Regarding the filling of forms for registration in job portals, ESET specialists also call not to provide data in advance, such as credit card number, bank account or similar. On the other hand, it is important not to fall under pressure to give a confirmation, not to pay to register on the platforms, in addition to taking a look at the opinion of third parties, if possible, on these pages.

Common sense should prevail at all times. Faced with an offer that generates mistrust, the most appropriate thing to do is decline and continue searching. The official company portals are the safest reference to send a professional service proposal or find out about available vacancies.


Source: bancaynegocios

(Reference image source: Bench Accounting, Unsplash)

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