European Union will launch a digital wallet

The goal is to be able to store documents, passwords and make payments. Analysts consider the initiative the previous step to digital identity

The European Union (EU) is working on an efficient digital wallet that will allow citizens to store official documents such as ID or driver’s license, manage passwords and make secure payments using their digital identification.

The EU will present this week the details of the application that will be available for the 27 member countries in 2022. With this official solution, citizens will be able to operate safely on local government web pages as well as other Internet sites.

The EU digital wallet will have various biometric authentication methods. Citizens will be able to validate their identity through their fingerprints, retinal scanning and other methods that have not been specified.

In this sense, the block of 27 will be strict in terms of the data that can be accessed by companies or entities with which the digital wallet is used. Those interested in following up on this new application can follow the @DigitalEU account on Twitter, as well as the hashtags #DigitalEU and #EUdigitalidentity.


Source: doblellave

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