ECB will study the response of banks to cyberattacks

The European Central Bank will seek to measure the response capacity of banks to the increase in cyberattacks since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The head of supervision of the European Central Bank, Andrea Enria, recently stated that the entity carried out a measurement of the response capacity of banks to cyberattacks.

Since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the number of cases of cyberattacks, mainly on banks, with greater security. Although the ECB has not released powers on the facts, it is working on a way to strengthen security.

Faced with the risks to the European financial system, Enria said in an interview: “That is why for next year we will be launching a thematic stress test on cyber resilience, which will try to test how banks can respond and recover from a successful cyberattack.”

They will spend a lot of time and money analyzing the strengths, as well as the weaknesses, of European banks in the face of cyberattacks that have been causing damage to the banking sector.


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(Reference image source: Unsplash, in collaboration with Shubham Dhage)

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