Dental Implantology Congress 2019 will be in Edinburgh

Venezuelan dentist Anabell Bologna will participate in the event to talk about the new technologies applied in dental restoration treatments

Venezuelan dentist Anabell Bologna will participate in the ADI Team Congress 2019 in Edinburgh from May 2nd to 4th, to discuss the clinical and technical aspects that influence the different dental restoration treatments.

The Dental Implantology Association is a charity with the mission of promoting education in the field of dental implantology for the benefit of the public.

Bologna will talk about the Cad Cam technologies -union of “Computer Aided Design” and “Computer Aided Manufacturing” -, regenerative materials of last generation and the artistic skills used in aesthetic restoration.

As digital technologies evolve they have a direct impact in the field of science and medical care, which include dentistry and implantology.

The use of new generation scanners, design software and modern printers are some of the tools incorporated in the planning of surgeries and design procedures. “Reason why we must continue with our training in the digital area to update our protocols and incorporate these technologies”, according to Bologna.

Given that Edinburgh is a city well known for its history and culture, the Venezuelan professional will take the opportunity to visit the castles, visit the center and the university, which is a world benchmark for knowledge.


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