Data technology and AI to improve food packaging

Another sector that enters the agreement with IBM is that of medical and pharmaceutical products

The use of current systems such as data technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached the food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging sector, with the digitization of the financial management processes of the specialized company ULMA Packaging.

ULMA Packaging announced this Tuesday an agreement with technology company IBM to use its solutions, through its partner LKS Next, as IBM reported in a statement. The use of this technology allows the packer to put data at the center of its decisions, which includes the possibility of making forecasts and scenario simulations to make evidence-based business decisions.

ULMA Packaging, with 60 years of history, has numerous production plants around the world and to establish personalized and detailed budgets for each one, taking into account the situation of each market at all times, very precise and timely data are needed.

To support these needs, LKS Financial Solutions & Corporate, LKS Next’s financial solutions business, has carried out a digitization project based on the IBM Cognos platform.

The objective has been to use data technology to organize information and be able to easily share it with employees who need it, even allowing forecasting and scenario simulations to be ahead of events.

Source: dpa

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