Data centers emit 27M tons of CO2e

An investigation determined that data centers consume energy equivalent to 5.9 million vehicles

Data centers consume more than 90TWh per year, a figure limited to the region that includes Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), which generates a level of emissions equivalent to about 5.9 million vehicles.

Data centers and digital infrastructures account for “a substantial part of energy consumption worldwide, with a significant carbon footprint,” said Nutanix EMEA SVP Sammy Zoghlami.

The cloud computing solutions provider examined the potential effects of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) on energy costs and CO2 emissions in the data center, based on the results of a study commissioned in March 2022.

Precisely, the study concludes that the move to HCI, together with automation, cooling systems and the use of renewable energies, will be key to reducing the energy consumption of data centers and their carbon footprint.

Compared to traditional three-tier computing platforms, next-generation HCI architectures could reduce power consumption and carbon footprint by approximately 27 % per year, the company highlighted in a press release.

Currently, data centers in consume more than 90TWh per year, with an emission level equivalent to about 5.9 million vehicles (27 million tons of CO2e). In this entire region, HCI has the potential to reduce energy consumption by 56.7 TWh and reduce emissions by 14.2 million tons of CO2e during the period 2022-2025.

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Source: dpa

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