“Darkverse”, the haven for cybercriminals

A report by Trend Micro revealed that cybercriminals are taking shelter in this space

A new report by cybersecurity company Trend Micro warns of a “darkverse” of crime hidden from law enforcement, which could rapidly evolve to fuel a new metaverse-related cybercrime industry.

This document, “Metaverse or MetaWorse? Cybersecurity threats against the Internet of Experiences“, focuses on the importance of the technology sector anticipating cybercrime threats in this new Internet era. As envisioned by Trend Micro, the darkverse will resemble a metaverse version of the dark web, allowing threat actors to coordinate and carry out illegal activities with impunity.

“Given the high costs and jurisdictional challenges, law enforcement will have a difficult time policing the metaverse at large in its early years. The security community must step in now or risk a new Wild West unfolding at our digital doorsteps,” says Bill Malik, Vice President of Infrastructure Strategies at Trend Micro.

Underground markets operating in the darkverse would be impossible for law enforcement to infiltrate without the correct authentication tokens. Since users can only access these spaces if they are within a designated physical location, there is an additional level of protection for closed criminal communities.

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Source: dpa

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