Cybersecurity, a strategic issue for organizations

Organizations managers are assuming the importance of having cybersecurity solutions, which has become a strategic issue

Every day there are more companies and their managers who recognize the importance of having cybersecurity solutions, which is why it is no longer an area for specialists and has become a strategic issue within organizations.

During next March 22 and 23, the event called CiberForum will be held in virtual format in Mexico, which aims to disseminate the new technologies existing in the market to face the digital risks presented by companies.

In the event, more than 40 specialists will refer to the best practices and the different strategies that experts apply to combat and prevent the different cyber attacks, they assure that this problem, although “it cannot be avoided, it can be prevented and combated with strategic”.

The companies MercaBien, Check Point, GS1, TotalPlay, Womcy, among others, will be participating in CiberForum 2022.

Cyber ​​attacks cause millionaire losses

A study carried out by RiskIQ highlights that computers with Internet connections “face 1.5 attacks“, which generate large losses of money for organizations. According to the publications made by PWC “information rescues have been around 70 million dollars” and the majority of companies (more than 50 %) estimate that by 2022 “cyber attacks will reach record numbers”.

For the editorial director of CiberForum, Uriel Naum Ávila, “companies seek to move quickly towards digital, but they are not taking into account the security risks that such a dizzying transformation implies. From his perspective, cybersecurity is essential for companies at the moment, therefore, it is no longer just a matter of specialized areas, but a matter of strategy in organizations.

M. Rodríguez


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