Cuba reviewed its telecommunications laws

Through the Ordinary Official Gazette No. 92 of 2021, new law decrees were included on information technology, cyberspace, among other aspects

A series of regulations related to telecommunications, information technologies, the radio spectrum and cyberspace came into effect this week in Cuba.

In the Ordinary Official Gazette No. 92 of 2021, Decree-Law 35/21 of Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies and the Use of the Radioelectric Spectrum is included.

This includes a legal standard of superior rank, thus being the first to be applied in the Cuban nation. Thanks to the regulations, there will be greater coherence and ordering in the current regulatory framework.

The new legal instruments also include:

  • Decree 42/21 that approves the General Regulation of Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Decree 43/21 Regulation on the Use of the Radioelectric Spectrum.
  • Resolution 105 Regulation on the National Action Model for Response to Cybersecurity Incidents.
  • Resolution 107 of 2021 Regulations for the Use of Radiocommunication Satellite Services.
  • Resolution 108 of 2021 Regulation of Interconnection, Access and Essential Installations of Telecommunications Networks

The director of regulations of the Ministry of Communications (Mincom), Wilfredo López, stressed that his objectives are to satisfy the general needs of the State, especially those related to security and national and civil defense in telecommunications matters.

Likewise, it guarantees development and technological convergence and prioritizes the implementation of broadband networks, while defending the interests of citizens and ensuring access to services and constitutional rights; in particular the principle of equality, privacy and secrecy in communications.

K. Tovar

Source: Granma

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