Colombia approves project to promote hydrogen

In a first discussion, the project to promote hydrogen as a determining factor in the future of the country was approved in Colombia

The Colombian government approved this Wednesday in a first discussion the project to promote the development of hydrogen in the country.

During the meeting of the Fifth Commission of the Lower House, the decision was made to approve the Hydrogen Economy in Colombia bill, which was presented by the representative, Nicolás Barguil.

The energy sector is of great importance for Colombia and the entire region. Once the project is law “Hydrogen economy in Colombia will be the foundation to promote the production chain.”

On the other hand, it will allow “potentiating the competitive advantages that the country has, such as lower production costs due to the privileged positioning for its production and its derivatives.”

The bill focuses on four main aspects: reducing the environmental impact caused by fossil fuels, such as oil and coal; strengthening security and energy self-sufficiency in Colombia; promotion of the use of hydrogen for the benefit of food security and sovereignty and protection of water sources.


Source: valoranalitik

(Reference image source: Raimond Klavins, Unsplash)

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