Coinbase announces blockades in Russia

The main cryptocurrency exchange recently indicated that it will block Russian citizens, as warned

Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently announced that it is proceeding to block accounts of citizens of Russia.

Despite this, and as announced by various media, the company indicated that it is willing to allow the withdrawal of its funds as long as it is shown that these users are not under sanctions.

Some Coinbase users from Russia have received letters informing them that their accounts will be blocked on May 31.

After this date has passed, the funds will be frozen and any money received after this will also be blocked.

Other exchanges have been taking similar actions. On April 30, Binance blocked the accounts of some relatives of Kremlin officials. Before that, he had said that after the sanctions against Russia, for its invasion of Ukraine, he would limit the exchange of cryptocurrencies for large amounts to people and entities of that huge nation.

K. Tovar

Source: Diariobitcoin

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