China to start tourist travel pilot plan in February

China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the opening of tourist flights from February 6, initially with packages to South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Thailand

In a recent announcement by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it was revealed that they will launch a pilot tourist travel plan starting next February 6, resuming the activity suspended by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is a pilot plan for the reopening of the tourism business, one of the fundamental pillars of the economy not only in China but globally, affected by the quarantine after the pandemic.

According to a statement from China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the pilot plan that will start in a few days will offer citizens packages that include airfare and hotel accommodation for some destinations.

Travelers will be able to select the place of preference in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. It will be the preamble to prepare the rest of the international destinations to receive travelers from China.


Source: traveltradecaribbean

(Reference image source: Wengang Zhai, Unsplash)

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