China develops a coating that absorbs almost any light

Researchers in China have developed an ultra-black coating that absorbs almost any light and is used in precision optical instruments

Chinese researchers at the Harbin Institute of Technology have developed an ultra black coating with stable performance. The ultra black coating can absorb almost any light that falls on it and is widely used in precision optical instruments.

The developed coating can absorb up to 99.8 % of the broad spectrum. The team overcame the technical bottleneck of preparing ultra black coatings at room temperature and obtained a very stable ultra black coating.

The new material can meet the needs of a variety of application conditions and extreme environments, with advanced performance and technical maturity compared to current similar products, Xinhua reports.

The ultra black coating has been applied to thousands of products, as light shades, effectively improving the in-orbit detection capability and positioning accuracy of optical payloads on spacecraft.

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Source: dpa

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