Bitmain launches new mining equipment

The leading brand of bitcoin mining equipment, Bitmain, has announced the official launch of two new 7 nanometers of Antminer type for mining equipment

Bitmain reported in September that it was going to equip the new Antminer models with specific application chips, the famous next-generation ASICs. These conform designs that allow computing for a specific hash algorithm in an optimal way. These acceleration chips use the SHA256 algorithm, which is based on 7nm Finfet semiconductor manufacturing technology.

The new chip is integrated by more than one billion transistors, by means of a special circuit and intensive technology of low power, which will optimize its efficiency. The results of the tests carried out show that the chip can achieve a relationship between energy consumption and very low extraction capacity.

Bitmain has been in the news in recent days and not only for the 7nm announcement, but also for the implementation of a firmware update for Overt AsicBoost on all Antminer models, assuring that the effectiveness of mining will be increased.

In equal measure, other cryptocurrency mining titans are still struggling to develop the best mining hardware. The Bitmain competition, Bitfury Group, presented in September its own 14nm ASIC chip, known as Bitfury Clarke, for bitcoin mining SHA256.


Source: Coincrispy

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