Change in Google algorithm affects small online business owners

The changes at the beginning of 2024 in Google's search algorithm and anti-spam filters have had negative effects on websites that make a living from online sales

The update of Google’s search algorithm and spam filters, at the beginning of the year, has led to the closure of many websites that make a living from online sales, in addition to the dismissal of staff.

The drastic reduction in traffic to these sites on the Internet, and the subsequent drop in sales, has led to the closure of many portals, and the start from scratch with a new domain.

Google has noted that its update “was specifically designed to provide users with fewer results that look like they were made for search engines,” based on results of its experiments in this regard.

Some of the affected sites, including digital newspapers, have indicated that they are desperately looking for alternatives to not rely on Google searches, such as writing “newsletters, making podcasts or trying to find other ways to attract audiences.”


Source: swissinfo

(Reference image source: Arkan Perdana in Unsplash)

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