Belgium will develop a nuclear reactor that will produce a year’s worth of energy in one second

The Myrrha project, a nuclear reactor in which the Mol Nuclear Energy Studies Center of Belgium is working, will produce in one second the energy required by a family for a year

Belgium is working on a particle accelerator-powered nuclear reactor, known as the Myrrha project (Multipurpose Hybrid Research Reactor for High Technology Applications), at the Mol Center for Energy Studies. The first phase of development will take the period 2026-2028, the second 2033 and it is estimated to be operational between 2036 and 2038.

Researchers estimate that the new, more efficient reactor will produce in one second the energy a family requires for a year. The waste emission will be 100 times less than a current reactor, and it is expected that this innovation will serve as a tool in the fight against cancer.

Regarding the structure of the reactor, the research center indicates that it will be 300 meters long, with a power of 2.4 megawatts and the ability to turn itself off and on in a matter of thousandths.

The Myrrha project, which involves 230 people from 25 countries, is financed by the government, which provides 558 million euros. Another part comes from European funds. A total budget of 1.6 billion is estimated, although private investment will be needed to complete all phases.

Belgium is a pioneer in the development of this reactor, nuclear research and its application in the medical area.


Source: DW

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Alex Shuper)

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