CBV increases commissions for different banking operations

The issuing entity made the adjustment in the rates for buying and selling foreign currency, replacement of debit and credit cards as well as the different transactions in bolivars

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) established between 3% and 4% the commission for withdrawing funds from foreign currency in cash, which will be paid in national currency at the exchange rate of the operation, while the sale of foreign currencies in cash, by the public, will be 5 % of the amount of the operation.

Likewise, the prices for issuing an international debit card were increased, to pay 1,532,074 bolivars. Users will also have to pay 1,870,001 bolivars for the replacement of the card due to theft, loss or misplacement, which is equivalent to an adjustment of the order of 2,197 %. The C2P mobile payment service, used by businesses to make returns, will have a 2 % commission per approved transaction.

The information was released through an official notice issued by the issuing entity and published in Official Gazette No. 6,635 of July 22, 2021.

The Central Bank also announced that rates are maintained at 1 % for foreign currency purchase and sale through electronic means or with the use of foreign accounts of the national financial system.

For the purchase and sale of foreign currency, via electronic order, the commission remains at 4 %. For transfers to American countries, users must pay 21 euros or its equivalent in another currency and for transfers to to Europe and the rest of the world they should pay 30 euros, or its equivalent.

The services of purchase and sale of foreign currency, by the public, in exchange houses maintain the same commissions as the bank, both by order and by electronic transfers.

In the country, foreign currency accounts were used as safekeeping accounts, later foreign currency deposits were authorized at bank offices. Currently, financial institutions have the option of buying and selling on their electronic platforms, in addition to allowing the use of currencies with debit cards.

M. Rodríguez

Source: cronica.uno

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