Cano Caporales: Add and multiply to fulfill the World Cup dream

Towards the national qualification for the next Soccer World Cup 2026, we are going to experience "the three and a half most important years in the history of Venezuelan soccer," reflects the outstanding trainer

One of the great Venezuelan objectives, which convenes and unites the most, for the coming years, and the most important in soccer -without a doubt-, is that Venezuela manages to qualify for the 2026 World Cup, to be held jointly in Canada, United States and Mexico; which is achievable and possible, if we all come together and row in the same direction, so to speak. We must bet that this inclusive dream comes true. There are many more coincidences than differences in sport, and that’s great for our country and its citizens everywhere.

We talked with Sebastián Cano Caporales, founder of the emblematic Secasports junior soccer school, located in Valencia – Carabobo State; trainer of experience and trajectory, who recognizes that a lot of work has been done and is being done in that direction. We share the first part of this interview in this informative delivery.

We must all add and multiply, in favor of Venezuela and its classification, not subtract or divide

Cano Caporales does not hesitate to state that we are entering “the most important three and a half years in the history of Venezuelan soccer.” And he adds that “never before had such favorable sensitivity been perceived, the dream had never been so real and the possibility had been so tangible that this would come true.” We all have the same dream, and we are all working, from the Federation, from the football associations, in every professional team, in every corner of the country, and of course in every school.

Unite, to bring forward the good, the best that the Venezuelan and his football have

For Sebastián Cano Caporales, we must continue looking for and strengthening the meeting points. Let each of the parties solidify them. There have to be reasons, from minor to professional football; to bring forward the best that Venezuelan soccer has and that we Venezuelans have. From the slightest idea to contribute, add value, optimize, strengthen the great general idea, which produces what we are all looking forward to.

The exciting and successful case of Argentina can serve as an example

I say Argentina –says the trainer Cano Caporales–, because it is a South American country and brother that is also part of CONMEBOL, their perseverance and dream have been close, from the point of view that we are in the same confederation. Although deep down in their hearts, every Latin American feels that their team can be the protagonist of a World Cup.

In the recent The Best FIFA awards, created in 2016, revised and updated to recognize the best each season, we saw how Argentina won the largest number of awards: Lionel Messi, Dibu Martínez, Lionel Scaloni, and even their fans. , who precisely won the award or recognition for the Hobby of the Year.

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