Butterfly IQ allows ultrasound scans with mobile phone

Jonathan Rothberg, father of a girl with tuberous sclerosis, got tired of being made to wait too long in hospitals and created the Butterfly IQ tool that allows ultrasound scans with the smartphone

The difficult moments tend to be the trigger for new ideas to emerge. An example is the case of Butterfly IQ, which arises from the need of a father, Jonathan Rothberg, who was tired of waiting in hospitals with his little daughter affected with tuberous sclerosis.

Rothberg, chemist and founder of technological medicine startups, created a system that allows ultrasound using the mobile phone, which makes the procedure easier and cheaper.

Butterfly IQ is so small that it fits in a pocket, which makes it easy to move. To use it is only necessary to connect it to an iPhone and its operation is based on a set of sensors thinner than a hair as well as a computer chip.

According to information revealed to the BBC about this tool, it could be known that “it builds the shape of the human body and goes from the inside out. It has the ability to analyze the growth of a fetus, the size of a tumor or liver”.

The creator of Butterfly IQ indicated that it is not only aimed at hospitals, but in favor of patients who, depending on the pathology they present, require regular ultrasound scans. In fact, the current price is US $ 2,000 and those interested can buy it online, with payments by installments.

The American scientist has a backing in the world of medicine, as he is the creator of the first high-speed DNA sequencer, “a device that reads the human genome through digital technology.” This opened the way for people to access their genetic codes “.


Source: Tecnovedosos

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