Business digitization as a way to expansion

In an environment that is increasingly digital and global, organizations must adapt to their environment and make use of computer tools that allow them to improve their processes

Digitization has become an essential support for companies, regardless of the structure and the sector in which they are dedicated. Softwares or own licenses, social networks, e-Commerce are essential to subsist, develop and expand the business.

When an entrepreneur plans to expand in the market, he must take new technologies into account. Many companies begin this expansion by relying on digital programs which today have become a lifeline in the midst of this pandemic of Covid-19, which evidenced the need for digitization to continue operating. In the midst of confinement e-Commerce have saved many companies.

It is a must to carry out a diagnosis on the new technological tools they require and that are better adapted to the commercial activity of each company.

For some companies, social networks can be an excellent option, but for others it will be the creation of a web page, a virtual store, or the digitization of databases or automation of their processes. These steps have often meant great leaps for companies that have experienced significant growth with the implementation of these new technologies in their businesses.

Undeniably, this option cannot be made with the back to the environment, which is marked by a digitized society where new technologies are fully integrated and are part of daily activity.

New programs, applications, development based on Artificial Intelligence, videoconferences, among others, boost companies development and contribute to their growth and permanence in the market.

M. Rodríguez


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