Bitcoin price stagnates below US$ 11,000

The cryptocurrency seems to have lost the momentum that it had maintained until about fifteen days ago and that promised to continue with an upward trend in its value

Bitcoin, the main currency of the crypto ecosystem had shown an upward trend. However, for fifteen days or so, its value remains stagnant without advancing beyond USD 11,000.

Cryptocurrency investors and holders know the price market is characterized by ups and downs. Of course, there are periods of stability. However, for fifteen days the value of bitcoin has not moved anywhere, which suggests that it is its worst moment.

According to media reports, “since August 13, when the cryptocurrency reached USD 11,400, it failed to overcome the USD 11,000 barrier again.”

This Tuesday, around 10:30 in the morning in New York, the price of the cryptocurrency was USD 10,177.33. That is, 1.64% less the day before at the same time, although the volume of transactions exceeds USD 15 billion.

With regard to altcoins there is also little encouraging news regarding their value. Ethereum, for example, showed a downward trend reflected in 0.56%. Also, XRP fell 0.49%, bitcoin cash 0.30%, litecoin 1.26% and binance coin 2.56%. In summary, a total of 73 currencies are in decline, while only 27 rose in non-significant percentages.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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