Binance remains optimistic about its arrival in the Philippines

The cryptocurrency exchange is determined to arrive and start offering its services within the Philippines

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance remains firm and optimistic about a possible arrival in the Philippines, despite the different warnings that the authorities of that country have made in the face of this situation.

Leon Fong, Asia-Pacific director of Binance, assured that the firm will remain focused on seeking to bring the benefits of digital assets to the nation.

“We tend not to get distracted by what some of these so-called lobbyists are doing. Rather we want to focus on how to continue to provide our users with a better experience”, Fong said.

The executive stated that there is high potential within blockchain technology to create greater financial inclusion, bringing great opportunities for Filipinos.

The arrival of Binance can also offer a greater volume of foreign direct investment that, in the words of Fong, must go hand in hand with the creation of a regulatory framework that embraces local and global actors, that establishes the guidelines that promote the healthy competition.

K. Tovar

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Source: Cointelegraph

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