Binance launches AI service to create NFTs

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced the beta launch of Bicasso, an artificial intelligence service for the creation of non-fungible tokens

Binance exchange users can now create NFTs according to their style and interests with the new AI-based service called Bicasso.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Binance announced the beta launch of the service, which allows the creation of innovative non-fungible tokens. 10,000 creators will be able to try it in order of arrival, since it is in a trial period.

It is the tool to unleash creativity, adding color and relevant features to users’ NFTs in a simple way. And all thanks to AI.

According to Binance: “Bicasso’s advanced AI technology allows you to paint the picture of your dreams with ease. You just have to enter a description of what you want to see, a ‘prompt’ (only available in English in this version), and you will see how our Bicasso robot brings your imagination to life in just a few seconds,” the statement cited.

Bicasso “generates 4 different images depending on the words or sentence in English that you place in the “magic words” section. Subsequently, the creator can choose between the four designed images and make the adjustments to turn it into an NFT, in addition to permanently sharing it on the Binance blockchain.


Source: motocotacoin

(Reference image source: Unsplash, in collaboration with Alex Shuper)

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