Bancamiga optimizes the processes and resources of the commerce sector with Adminpagos

The development of the tool allows to reconcile mobile payments in a simple and secure way, regardless of the number of stores or branches

The boom in the use of mobile payment in the business world has led Bancamiga Banco Universal to develop products that further facilitate financial transactions for customers.

“The creation of Bancamiga Suite has been a fast and effective way to mobilize money and satisfy the demand of an important sector of our portfolio that requested the incorporation of the legal entity in mobile payment. This allows clients to carry out these transactions from legal person to natural person and from legal person to legal person.”

Carlos Vizcaya, web developer, explained that now through Adminpagos, the legal entity can reconcile mobile payments in a simple and secure way, a product made so that businesses that use this tool can check their movements regardless of the number of stores or branch offices.

To do this, the client must enter the address with the master user RIF (the one you create as a legal client) and the Internet banking password.

If the merchant does not have branches, enter Global Position, but if you need to create other users (sub-users) you can do so using the same master user. Each sub-user can be assigned a branch to reconcile the mobile payments that correspond to that branch and will only be able to access the corresponding reconciliation module.

The creation of other users is an additional security element, because it allows delegating to that user the reconciliation of mobile payments only for that particular branch.

To facilitate the operation, different search patterns have been developed through dates, specific amounts or telephone numbers, for example.

“Only the master administrator can see all the reconciliations,” added Vizcaya, who recalled that there are clients who can make up to 3,000/4,000 mobile payments per day, so Adminpagos will become a firm ally of their operations.

Like the Bancamiga Points of Sale, mobile payments are gaining strength in the business world and that is why this initiative will optimize the processes and resources of the commerce sector.

For more information, remember that you can contact the Bancamiga Service Center at 0500 TUBANCA (8822622), 0501 TUBANCA (8822622) or write to us through our social networks by @bancamiga.

With information from Bancamiga

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