Bancamiga Móvil arrives in El Paraíso

“We want to be an ally for those seeking to strengthen their projects and achieve their goals,” highlights the executive president of Bancamiga

Bancamiga deploys its Mobile Unit with an operation in Washington Square, located in El Paraíso, from January 31 to February 2 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This is the first approach of our four-wheeled agency to this area of ​​western Caracas, with the objective of providing financial advice as well as promoting products and services.

“In the mobile agency, people will have the opportunity to learn about and acquire our products and services, including the opening of accounts with minimum requirements, card changes, the Mastercard International Debit Card, the MasterKids card, and financing plans for POS, in alliance with Soluciones Integrales Tecnológica SITCA” indicates a statement from the institution.

“We are very excited to bring Bancamiga Móvil to El Paraíso and bring our financial solutions to more people. We want to provide personalized advice and support the economic development of the community and the country,” said the executive president of Bancamiga Banco Universal, Ariel Martínez.

During the operation, Bancamiga business executives will provide information about Credimujer and Crediemprendimiento. These products seek to support the economic development of the country, especially focused on the empowerment of women and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Martínez added that it is Bancamiga’s commitment to be present in all the communities that live in Venezuela.

“We want to be an ally for those seeking to strengthen their projects and achieve their goals. Bancamiga Móvil stands out for facilitating access to banking and promoting financial inclusion. The visit to El Paraíso represents an important step in the expansion of Bancamiga services,” he noted.

Since the beginning of its operations in May 2022 and to date, the Bancamiga Móvil Unit has visited various areas of Greater Caracas with the purpose of banking more Venezuelans.

Two positive proposals from Bancamiga: Credimujer and Crediemprendimiento

In a country where entrepreneurship and the role of women in the economy are of vital importance, Bancamiga launched two proposals that promote economic growth: Credimujer and Crediemprendimiento, which to date have benefited more than 300 clients.

These products are designed to offer women and entrepreneurs the financial tools necessary to achieve their goals and make their projects a reality.

These products aimed at the entrepreneurial and women’s sector have the intention of promoting the diversification and production of goods and services, as well as their incorporation into the development of a new business model.

Bancamiga Móvil’s initiative is a response to the needs of Venezuelans and adds to its 43 agencies, two associated ticket offices and two external ticket offices.

With information and images from Bancamiga Banco Universal

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