Bancamiga increased the limit of its credit cards

Thinking about the need for purchases and the festive seasons, Bancamiga increased the limit of its Mastercard credit cards

The increase announced by Bancamiga Banco Universal in its Mastercard credit cards allows you to have more money to spend and invest. It is betting on the growth of Venezuelans, by supporting their financial activities. The new limits give an opening range for consumption during these Christmas and New Year days, by offering the possibility of acquiring goods and services without having to pay for them immediately.

The executive president of the institution, Ariel José Martínez, said that “the expansion of the limits is a sign that Bancamiga is always attentive to the needs and requirements of Venezuelans.”

Bancamiga facilitates seasonal purchases with innovative products and services

“We hope that this increase in credit will facilitate holiday season purchases by offering greater liquidity,” he said.

This benefit adds to the opportunity that customers now have with Bancamiga Points of Sale, developed in alliance with Soluciones Integrales Tecnológica C.A. (SITCA), to obtain a loan for a new car, with 50 % down, 48 months to pay and 16 % annual interest.

“At Bancamiga, every day we strive to offer solutions that satisfy your needs, with innovative products and services,” Martínez stressed.

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