Apple will reduce the face-to-face workday

The technology company has announced that from September 5 its workers will go to the California headquarters three days a week

The labor sector has undergone many changes since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Companies have had to restructure, apply contingency measures, modify strategies. The technological giant Apple is inserted in this framework, with a reduction of face-to-face working hours to three days a week.

Apple has indicated that as of September 5, its workers will go to the headquarters in the Santa Clara Valley, California, three days a week. The company has indicated that in principle it will be a day from Tuesday to Thursday, although a variant is being studied that the executives will have to decide.

It is a pilot plan, which will establish a hybrid work model, where there will be a face-to-face schedule three days a week, and the rest will be done remotely. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has been in charge of announcing this plan that will start next month.

The brand executive stressed that offices around the world are in different phases of change. However, the California headquarters will start with the pilot plan on September 5.


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