Apple is also affected by LockBit ransomware

The LockBit cybercriminal group developed a new version to successfully encrypt Mac computers

The LockBit cybercriminal group created a version of its popular ransomware to encrypt computers running Apple’s Mac operating system, a first in its evolution so far limited to Microosft and Linux.

LockBit is a type of malware designed to encrypt the computer it infects, generally Microsoft or Linux, and prevent access to its data, also interrupting the operations of a company or organization, until now its main objectives. To release it, request a payment.

LockBit works as a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), and is linked to the cybercriminal group of the same name. According to Kaspersky, its members appear to “intentionally avoid attacking the local systems of Russia or any other country of the Commonwealth of Independent States”, something that has sometimes led to the belief that it is a group of Russian origin or linked to the Russian government.

An update on this group was provided by MalwareHunter researchers, who identified what they believe to be “the first LockBit build” targeting an Apple device.

The ransomware sample they have analyzed was designed for a MacOS computer with an Apple Silicon (M1) chip, as they shared via Twitter. Specifically, it appears as “locker_Apple_M1_64”.

In the explanation they offer, they point out that it was included in a package dated March 20. With the contribution of VX-Underground, they qualified that it was made public in November 2022.

Earlier this year, the LockBit group apologized after it emerged that its ransomware had attacked and encrypted the systems of a children’s hospital, claiming it was the action of a partner, who violated its rules.

Source: dpa

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