Apple has 101 million users in EU countries

In compliance with the European Union Digital Services Law, Apple disclosed the number of people who use its operating system

Apple announced the number of monthly active users of its official application store, App Store, in the countries of the European Union, for the different operating systems it develops, with an average of 101 million people using the iOS version.

The technology company shared these figures to comply with the European Union Digital Services Law, a set of mandatory regulations for large companies that offer digital services.

With it, it seeks to guarantee the protection of the rights of users of the member countries, as well as to promote innovation, growth and competitiveness of these platforms in the single market.

This regulation also seeks to promote transparency and accountability, which is why it requires online service providers such as Apple, Twitter or LinkedIn to publish the number of users they register in Europe.

In this way, it is capable of adapting the specific risk mitigation measures, as stated in its article 24, which states that these organizations must update this information “at least once every six months” and that it must be public.

For very large online platforms and search engines, ie those with at least 45 million users, the Commission requires that a number be provided, not an estimate.

To comply with this regulation, Apple quantified the number of users in the app store for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS; as well as those who use their Apple Books and Apple Podcast platforms, in all member countries.

Source: dpa

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