Anti-theft functions on iOS and Android mobile phone systems

The theft of cell phones is a cause of public concern. To save time for thieves, users have anti-theft functions that they can keep activated by password on iOS and Android systems

When a smartphone is stolen, the task of communicating with the service provider begins to block as much as possible and prevent the theft of sensitive information. iOS and Android systems offer anti-theft features that can be kept activated with a password.

Personal data and access credentials to banks, digital wallets, among others, are some of the main objectives of mobile phone thieves. Although, of course, they also aim to resell the equipment as such.

This type of crime is increasing globally. However, there are functions that can be activated in iOS and Android systems to establish blocks that prevent or make it very difficult for thieves to access the data contained in the smartphone, publications on social networks, photos, among others.

The anti-theft modes of iOS and Android systems “are very easy to activate and are already preloaded in the system, which makes it unnecessary to download third-party applications to protect information.”

Activating these features allows the screen lock to be locked so that the thief cannot access the stored data. The user only has to go to the “Settings” tab, enter “Lock screen” and “Secure lock settings”. Once in the settings, you can select a security pattern, password or PIN as an anti-theft method. Finally, you must activate the “Lock with side key” or “Lock network and security” options.

But what does the potential victim achieve with this? Well, “it prevents the WiFi or mobile data from being turned off, restarted or even deactivated”, since the only way to unlock the device will be through the password that only the owner knows.

Anti-theft mode also exists for iPhone, in addition to Face ID and Touch ID functions. It is activated by entering “Settings”, then reaching the “Face ID and code” section; then enter the code to enter, and a menu will automatically appear with a new function called “Device theft protection”, located under “Attention detection”.

With these tips, users will be able to buy cell phone thieves a little time, and thus avoid data breach or theft.


Source: fayerwayer

(Reference image source: Jonas Leupe in Unsplash)

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