American companies will strengthen their cybersecurity measures

White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki highlighted the priority of strengthening security measures and stressed that the US president has been clear with his Russian counterpart about the recent attack on the Kaseya chain

It is a must for American companies to strengthen their cybersecurity after this weekend’s attack on the Kaseya company. White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said: “The cyber attack, which affected more than 1,500 firms around the world, demonstrates the need for companies and government agencies to focus on improving cybersecurity.”

The spokeswoman also highlighted, in her daily press conference, that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, will meet today with the heads of the departments of State, Justice and National Security and some congressmen, “to discuss ransomware and strategic efforts to stop it. This is a priority,” he assured.

Intelligence agencies are still unaware to idenify the responsibles for the cyberattack on Kaseya, a Miami-based software company that provides services to more than 40,000 organizations around the world. However, experts point to the REvil group, of Russian origin, as responsible.

Yesterday, it was reported in the US media that REvil requested a reward of 70 million dollars to allow the affected corporations to resume operations.

The White House spokeswoman asserted that REvil “operates from Russia with subsidiaries around the world“, noting that her country has been “clear” in its conversations with the Russian Government, which it accuses of not responding forcefully to cyberattacks against US companies.

Psaki stated: “If the Russian government is unable or unwilling to take action against criminals residing in Russia, we will do so, or at least we reserve the right to take actions on our own.”

M. Rodríguez

Source: forbes

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