12 years have passed since the first launch of bitcoin in the market

On a day like today, but in 2009, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world was launched on the market with a value of $ 0.00764

Twelve years ago, specifically in 2009, what would be the most popular cryptocurrency in the world so far, bitcoin, was launched on the market for the first time.

This launch represented the beginning of many of the activities people know today. But at that time users used the New Liberty Standard network as a safe space to be able to make exchanges with this cryptocurrency and PayPal.

The price of the digital asset was defined at approximately 0.00764 dollars for each bitcoin sold, which generated in many opportunities that users invested little to obtain a large amount of assets.

The large number of transactions carried out in that space gave rise to what are now important cryptocurrency exchange spaces, such as the case of Binance, Coinbase, among others.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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