WHO warns about new scam with bitcoin donations

The new scam operates in what appears to be an official email from the World Health Organization requesting donations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

A group of cyber attackers operate under the guise of the World Health Organization (WHO) to carry out a scam in what appears to be an official email from the organization requesting donations in bitcoin.

The new strategy would be linked to allocating funds in response to COVID-19 to confront and prevent the spread of the virus in countries around the world.

The modus operandi is to display an email with an exact copy of the official information on the website of the Fund created by the WHO where they request donations. The remarkable fact is that the scam originates after the international organization recommended the use of digital payments to avoid physical mechanisms that could serve as sources of contagion.

Cybersecurity firm Sophos researcher Chester Wisniewski warns on his Twitter account of the event: “Scammers act as the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Don’t donate bitcoin to criminals, send money to the real source.”

The strategy has been adopted by many online attackers who are using the pishing tactic to take control of personal data through emails. According to domain security firm senior security engineer Tarik Saleh, the number of web domain registrations using the term “coronavirus” has grown significantly.


Source: Diariobitcoin

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