WhatsApp will change the location of navigation tabs

The WhatsApp messaging network will move the Chats, Calls, States and Communities tabs to the bottom of the screen

WhatsApp for Android users will soon notice a new location on the screen for the Chats, Calls, Statuses, and Communities sections. They go to the bottom, in that order and with the same space each.

In the current version, three sections are on the screen: Chats, States and Calls. The update adds Communities, as seen in iOS screenshots shared on the web.

The new navigation bar located at the bottom edge is part of the most recent changes that WhatsApp has announced, such as the possibility of synchronizing status updates with Facebook stories, to make interaction between users easier and friendlier.

Other changes that the messaging platform is working on are bulletins or newsletters, which will soon be presented with the name of Channels in status updates and the limit of temporary messages, which will remain between one hour, 14 days or one year before of automatic deletion.


Source: newsradio.com.co

(Reference image source: Rob Hampson, Unsplash)

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