Venezuela will resume connection with Caribbean islands

The foreign minister of Venezuela, Yván Gil indicated this Saturday that the air and maritime connection with Curaçao and Bonaire will resume on April 3, and on May 1 by sea with Aruba

This Saturday, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Yván Gil, confirmed the reopening of the commercial connection with the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao in April and May.

On his Twitter account, Gil posted the schedule, where he noted that the maritime and air connection with Curaçao will be reopened on April 3; that same date the maritime contact with Bonaire will be opened. And later, on May 1st, they will resume the connection by sea with Curaçao.

Flights to the islands belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands were suspended in 2019, due to internal political problems.

The reopening of contact between the islands and Venezuela represents an advance in commercial relations, as well as representing a light for the tourism sector.

As the date indicated by Gil to resume the connection by air and sea approaches, the airlines that will be authorized for these routes will be known.


Source: elsiglo

(Reference image source: Aron Marinelli, Unsplash)

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