Venezuela ended the year with one-digit inflation

As published by the Central Bank of Venezuela, the final indicator for December was 7.6%

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), in its inflationary figures published last weekend, indicated that this indicator of the country closed for the month of December at 7.6%.

This keeps the Venezuelan inflationary index back in single digits, according to the National Consumer Price Index.

After four months without presenting figures on inflation in the early hours of this Saturday, the issuing institute published The National Consumer Price Index in which it is indicated that inflation, only in the month of December was located (2,577,508,248,886, 0), which is equivalent to 7.6%.

The recent Venezuelan inflationary indices stood at 7.1% in September; October 6.8% and November 8.4%.

K. Tovar

Source: Finanzas Digital


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