United Kingdom will stop migration with modification to student visas

Increased migration to the UK has led to measures affecting student visas, with specific restrictions on family reunification

The United Kingdom announced changes to the student visa aimed at controlling migration that has increased since June 2022, when 500,000 people entered the country.

According to the British government’s announcement on Tuesday, the new rules for student visas “will include restrictions on family reunification with the aim of reducing immigration.”

It has been established that only postgraduate students, “designated as research programs, can invite members of their family who are dependents.”

On the other hand, no foreign student may make the change from a student visa to a work visa before completing their academic training.

The UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, indicated that the time has come to set limits on this migration route, since already in 2022 “close to 136,000 visas were issued for people dependent on foreign students, compared to 16,000 in 2019, according to official data.


Source: swissinfo

(Reference image source: Tatiana Shyshkina, Unsplash)

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