Ukraine received more than $70 million in cryptocurrencies during the conflict with Russia

The country has received a significant sum in donations, through cryptocurrencies, which has helped it face the consequences of the war

Ukraine has received more than $70 million in cryptocurrency donations since the start of the conflict with Russia. Donations come from around the world and have been used to fund defense and humanitarian assistance in war-affected areas.

The use of cryptocurrencies for donations has been an effective way for Ukraine to receive aid from around the world without having to deal with international financial restrictions.

In addition, cryptocurrency transactions are fast and secure, which has allowed for faster distribution of aid.

The conflict in Ukraine has caused numerous displaced people and has left many people in a situation of need.

Cryptocurrency donations have been an important way to help people affected by war and to finance the defense of the country.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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