Twitter is used as a channel for malicious campaign

The social network is part of a malicious campaign that seeks to defraud through a cryptocurrency portfolio

Twitter is the distribution channel of a new spam campaign that seeks to steal cryptocurrencies from users of this social network, with whom cybercriminals contact through a direct message asking for urgent help.

The new campaign detected on the social network contacts users through direct messages, urgently requesting their help to withdraw thousands of dollars from a cryptocurrency account in exchange for financial compensation.

The message specifies a domain, your password and username, and the amount of cryptocurrency you have in your wallet. Upon entering it, the victim accesses a supposed cryptocurrency investment platform and after entering the credentials, enters the account of the same, in which the detailed amount is found.

To withdraw the cryptocurrencies, the victim is asked to provide her wallet address and an additional password that she does not have. It is then that the platform offers you a way to directly transfer the funds within the system by creating a VIP-type account for which you have to pay a small sum of money.

The security expert of this company Andrey Kovtun also points out that “this crypto scam is far from the only one.” Cryptocurrencies generate interest both among users, who are increasingly opening wallets, and among fraudsters, and “blockchain allows cybercriminals to steal funds from victims without leaving a trace, which makes things worse.”


Source: Kaspersky

(Reference image source: file)

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