Toshiba warns about the risks of not making backup copies

The Japanese company assured that the best for backups is the "3-2-1" methodology

Toshiba warned about the risks to which users and companies that do not make backup copies are exposed in their day to day and recommends carrying out “backups” on a regular basis using the 3-2-1 method, which is based on the storage of three backup copies in different locations.

The use of electronic devices in practically all areas of the life of users and companies results in the handling of an enormous amount of data, from files of all kinds and photos to video, music or games.

These data are kept stored on the device so that, in turn, they are accessible for use in a simple and agile way. However, all these documents and data have to be properly maintained and preserved as they can be affected by numerous risks such as loss or theft of important data.

In addition, these risks can affect both users and organizations, even causing complicated situations for companies that can endanger the business.

Coinciding with World Backup Day, which was celebrated this Friday, March 31, the Japanese company supports the objective of making users and companies aware of the importance of backup copies at the protection level and to avoid data loss.

Thus, Toshiba promoted the adoption of this practice on a regular basis through the 3-2-1 strategy. This method is based on making three backup copies of the data, saving two of them on two different storage media and leaving the third in an off-site copy, that is, outside the main location, for example, in the cloud.

Source: dpa

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