TikTok works on automatic scrolling

The social network is working on an automatic scroll function, and one for editing videos after they have been published

TikTok is developing new navigation and usage options for the app, including auto-scroll mode and the ability to edit a post.

The application, owned by ByteDance, does not allow you to edit the text of a video once it is published. In case of having shared a content with an error, the content must be saved on the device, deleted from the platform and republished.

However, social media consultant and industry analyst Matt Navarra verified that the platform is working on new features for content modification and browsing on the social network.

In a screenshot shared via Twitter, Navarra has presented the new TikTok buttons, which the company has not yet officially implemented, including one for Edit post.

On the other hand, the platform is working on the ability to save published videos without a watermark, an element that shows the logo of the application, its name and the profile from which the original video has been shared.

In this way, as it lacks a watermark, it will be possible to “reuse content on multiple platforms”, according to Navarra, such as Facebook and Instagram Stories or YouTube Shorts, which also have a vertical format.

Finally, the analyst confirmed that TikTok created a button called Auto scroll, suggesting that the app will introduce the ability to automatically scroll content from bottom to top.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Unsplash)

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